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I connected an hdmi cable from my laptop (1080p certified) to the TV. MAIN PROBLEMI do not get the full screen output on my TV when connected via HDMI. But every time I set the resolution anywhere near an HD setting. A screen refresh rate of 30 Hz is also supported for 1080p. supported input resolutions and frame rates for video sent to the DVI-I input from an HDMI source. Optimum currently offers four cable boxes with high definition (HD) HDMI cable (only with SA 4250 HD, SA 8300 HD, and Samsung cable boxes) If the picture does not appear to be in HD, or your picture is not taking up the full screen. How do I get a clean full screen hdmi output for an external monitor, TV or recorder? How do I get rid of flicker or banding in movies recorded with the Nikon.

6 Output (2 SDI + 2 DVI-D/HDMI + RGB/Component + Composite) SDI support: 3G, HD, and SD; DVI-D / RGB / HDMI support; Input status LEDs Freely switch between 1080p video that surpasses even broadcast quality. Full support not just for camera video, but for computer output as well -at a full range of resolutions.

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