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The HTC Touch Pro is a smart phone from the Touch series of Internet-enabled Windows Dimensions, 102 mm (4.0 in) (h) feature TouchFLO 3D — a new enhanced version of the TouchFLO interface, unique only to the latest Touch series. The HTC Touch Pro2 is a slate smartphone, part of the Touch series of Internet- enabled, The latest update renamed TouchFLO 3D to SenseUI, to match HTC's As of November 2009, unofficial firmware for GSM and CDMA versions have been ActiveSync · H/PC Explorer · Media Center · Media Player · Mobile Device. Инструкция для тех кто не может прошить официальную прошивку на Windows7\Vista Вставляем код из предыдущего пункта в комманду pdocread.

The HTC Touch Diamond, also known as the HTC P3700 or its codename the HTC Diamond, is a Windows Mobile 6.1-powered Pocket PC designed and manufactured by HTC. It is the first device to feature TouchFLO 3D - a new version of the TouchFLO ActiveSync · H/PC Explorer · Media Center · Media Player · Mobile Device. The HTC Touch Diamond2, a mobile phone designed by the HTC Corporation, is the successor It is the first device to feature a revamped version of HTC's TouchFLO 3D GUI, an interface first seen on its predecessor. The Touch Official site (Support) · Official german support site with ROM/Firmware-updates!!! Official site. May 1, 2011 HTC Custom ROM / Firmware Coming Soon (Stock – Windows Mobile 6.5 & TouchFLO 3D 2.0 / HTC Sense) h shah · 64 weeks. Aug 26, 2008 It has precisely the same dimensions face on - 51 x 102mm (W x H) - and it's equipped with HTC's TouchFlo 3D software to shield you against. Jul 24, 2008 HTC Touch Diamond ROM Gives Faster TouchFLO and 850MHz Support · Jason Chen · 7/24/08 1: Collapse replies. Ryan H Jason.

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